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Put our Sudoku generator on your own site, with your own pictures.

Top tips!
1. Make sure your images are very different from each other - for example, if you're making a puzzle from your family photo album, try to ensure all pictures contain different colours. Do NOT use transparent images.

2. If you use unidentifiable pictures, or pictures of the same thing from different angles, you can shift the mental excersize to the right brain, as you can't mutter to yourself 'i think this one needs a pineapple...' This can be tricky though - see Shape Sudoku.

3. In Internet Explorer, if the choice of pictures is coming up in a funny place, you might need to tweak the xoffset and yoffset variables - just try putting in a number and see if it gets better or worse.

4. Resize the images to 60 pixels by 60 pixels. The sudoku creator will still work if they are other sizes, but if they are smaller, they will come up blocky, and if they are bigger, they might take ages to load.

5. This code is protected by copyright. You may copy and paste the HTML exactly as given on this page, but you are not permitted to make a copy of any files from this website.

6. If you have any problems at all getting it working on your site, maybe there's a bug, maybe the instructions should be clearer. In any case, please contact me.

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Simply fill in the URLs of the images you'd like to use in the boxes below. The pictures must already be online. If you don't have your own website, you can use a resource such as Photo Bucket. For best results, resize the images to 60 x 60 pixels - otherwise your picture Sudoku may take longer to run. if you don't want to use your photos, you are of course welcome to use the default numbers.
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You can either cut and paste the code below on to your website:
Additionally, in order to circumvent an Internet Explorer bug, please add the following to your stylesheet:


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